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  Adoptable rabbits.
Adopt a rabbit.  View all our adoptable rabbits 
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 Featured adoptable bunny.
Orphaned wild baby rabbits

Bianca is a petite, incredibly loving little Florida White. She has been at our rescue waiting to be adopted for over two years.

If you held her, you would know she
would be a bundle of joy in your life!
Read more about her and get to know
this sweet, little girl...

 Baby cottontails.
Orphaned wild baby rabbits

Found wild baby bunnies
in your yard?
Don't panic.

Visit the House Rabbit Society page
on orphaned babies for more info.

Wild rabbits are not like domestic rabbits and must be cared for by a trained, wildlife professional.

To locate a rescuer near you, please visit

Wildlife Rebabber

Make Huntsville a No Kill Community
Greetings bunny lovers!
About Huntsville Friends of Rabbits
  We are a group of rabbit lovers in the Huntsville, Alabama area who have   formed a non-profit 501(c)3 group. We help with the bunnies turned in to
  local shelters and educate the public on rabbit behavior and care...

  So many bunnies!
Unfortunately we are at full capacity
and unable to take in any additional rabbits at this time.
 What you can do if you have a rabbit that needs a home. *
     • Contact your local shelter or Humane Society.
     • Find links and information from our page "Rehoming Information".

     • Contact Us.
       While we cannot take your rabbit, we can give you advice on problems
       you  may be having with your bunny, and perhaps even help you find a
       way to keep him or her!

  Sign the petition.

  Adopt a bonded couple.
Bonded rabbit couples available for adoption.
  Rabbits are social animals. They crave company of their own kind as well
  as yours! We have several bunnies who'd love to have a mate. AND we
  have bonded couples too!
That means you can skip right over the dating   process.

  Think smart at Easter.
Rabbits are not Easter toys.

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